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27th Jul 2018

The Cameo Swivel


I'm not sure your experience but I have found that every camera setup I have is always missing something vital. Whether it's a camera needing an external monitor or an extension arm thats just the right length, or having enough cold shoe...

14th Apr 2018

The Blue Peter Ship – Part 1


The Blue Peter Ship sculpture was commissioned by the BBC in 1999 after they discovered artist Steve Blaylock's 'Real Millenium Bug' sculptures on Calendar News. The ship was built in Harrogate, comprising of a Sheffield stainless steel ...

30th Jun 2017

Metal Sculpture Video


This video project is part of a short series for the artists website and social media commemorating the 20 years since he started sculpting in this particular style. There will be more videos in this series to follow, including one on th...

19th May 2017

Supply-It Site Services – Website


Supply-It Site Services Ltd commissioned Bluestack Digital to create a brand new website from scratch with no previous content to go from. The site had to be about one thing, get the potential customer to contact the Supply-It team. The ...

10th May 2017

The Bridge Project – Leaflet


The Bridge Project Tadcaster commissioned a leaflet that would reflect the work they undertake and what they stand for. The leaflet is designed to make reader open the leaflet and not just dismiss it. All the decisions on colour, photos ...

10th May 2017

Royalty Free Music


We’ve all been there at some point, we’ve illegally ripped music from a website or friends CD collections or iPods. Unfortunately thats led us to believe that we don’t need to pay royalties for music/photos/videos we see online. Ever ge...

4th Apr 2017

Sony A6500


When I first saw the A6300 last year, and its specs and everything it has in it’s tiny package I decided to start saving up for it. By the time I had some money other life things got in the way, like cars…2 of them. My plan was to have t...

26th Jun 2016

Light L16

Fresh Pixels

This is not a product review of the Light L16, there are plenty of great sites out there that do that.  I simply look at newly available technology and whether it’s worth getting! So you like new technology and love taking pictures, wel...