New Sony A6300

Austin BlaylockFresh Pixels

So the whole 4K thing isn’t new in a DSLR style camera, Panasonic did it with the GH4 in 2014 but is it worth it/practical/usable?  Is 4K in use by the masses or is it still a niche geek thing to load 4K videos on Youtube because you have decent fibre?  Having said that the A6300 does some pretty amazing things for a tiny (I’ve held one, they are small) mirorrless interchangeable lens camera, or MILC.  For starters it’s not just 4K with a Super 35mm look, it’s a 6K to 4K pulldown that gives you a sharper image than either the A7S or Rii.  The 4D auto focus has to be seen to be believed and it can record everything in camera!

All that aside it has some glaring shortfalls that might make you think twice before you add it to you kit shelf.

  1. Rolling Shutter – it’s a MILC without in camera optical stabilisation.  The rolling shutter is baaad.
  2.  Overheating issues – it’s a tiny camera thats being asked to do a lot.  Most reviews I’ve read point out it overheats quickly and can take 5-10 minutes to cool down.
  3. The sensor isn’t stabilised (unlike it’s older siblings) so if you use any lens that doesn’t have OIC you’ll get a fair amount of shake and rolling shutter.
  4. Form factor – it’s really small, if you’re not used to small cameras you may find the A6300 too fiddly to use and the lack of a full swivel screen could also be a deal breaker.

Is this camera for semi-professionals? Maybe, my Instagram feed is full of people using it in every combination you can imagine.  Is it for amateurs? With a couple of lenses it might just be within reach of some peoples budgets (around £2k for the A6300 with 16-55mm kit lens and the 24-240mm OIS lens).

The debate over resolution, practicality, flaws and comparing models will go on with any camera until the next one comes out.  In then end it’s a thing that in anyone’s hands can capture great images, be they photo or video.  If you’ve got passion and cash, why not?

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